The Sublime


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YERÛŠELEM is the newest entity created by Vindsval and W.D.Feld (BLUT AUS NORD).
First utterance ‘The Sublime’ is a world of interlocking miniatures, music in which a familiar centre has collapsed and been restructured into new forms, where ghosts are created by absence.
The project’s name speaks of an incalculable vastness of contemplation within: YERÛŠELEM’s sound is a congruent melding of powerfully bass-heavy Godfleshian clank and grind, the sacred ur-texts of Coil and Autechre, stark neo-gothic guitar leads with intimations of fusion, the freshness-into-fetid-air experimentation of back-end ‘90s Mayhem and Thorns, post-punk urbanity, psychedelic dreamgaze, subterranean industrial pulses and the crunching rhythmic crispness of modernist electronica.
Eternal searching has culminated in a new vocal and lyrical clarity which moves further towards communication than anything previously recorded by the pair. Is this spiritualism or lack thereof? Prayer or anti-prayer? Self-renewal from without or within?
With ‘The Sublime’ YERÛŠELEM have created a realm unreal and all too real, the definition truly undefined - the source as unfathomable as it ever was. 1. The Sublime 
2. Autoimmunity 
3. Eternal 
4. Sound Over Matter 
5. Joyless 
6. Triiiunity 
7. Babel 
8. Reverso 
9. Textures Of Silence

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