Puny | Bruno Duarte | Old Jerusalem

CD (Borland)

Available from 23/03/2017

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8 –Old Jerusalem The Cheery Girl
9 –Old Jerusalem Up North In Convoy
10 –Old Jerusalem The Kiss Massage
11 –Puny (3) Those Cancersticks Will Be Our Downfall
12 –Puny (3) He She It Want To. I Fuck Kylie
13 –Puny (3) Bee K. (Para A Elsa)
14 –Puny (3) One Step Forward, You’re Not In Place
15 –Puny (3) Good Morning
16 –Puny (3) Hi Tom! (A Bit Drunk A Bit Out Of Tune)
17 –Puny (3) Connections To The Middle
18 –Puny (3) Look Mom, Someone Painted All The Stars In The Sky
19 –Puny (3) Jad Fair Vs Mathematics Vs Daniel In A Drug Free Existentialist Convention
20 –Puny (3) Where Are You?
21 –Puny (3) If You Don't Show Up I'll Die!

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