Perverted by Language

CD (Westworld)

Available from 26/01/2018

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FALL (The)

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"Perverted by Language" is the sixth studio album by English Post-punk band The Fall, originally released in 1983. Considering The Fall’s back catalogue of hit and miss – one can be safely assured that any Fall album post-1978 and pre-1990 is a keeper. Nothing is as raw, esoteric or as rewarding as listening to The Fall. ‘Perverted by Language’ is (like any other 80’s Fall album) an album of intricacy. An album not even Smith could explain to an individual. What is very intelligible, however, is the always minimalist approach and often underrated musicianship of each member of The Fall. This album works very well as a whole and is certainly not one to judge on the first listen. As an introduction to The Fall, ‘Perverted by Language’ may just be the best. 1.Eat Y'self Fitter 
2.Neighbourhood Of Infinity
4.Hotel Blöedel
6.I Feel Voxish
7.Tempo House
8.Hexen Definitive / Strife Knot

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