No Plan (EP)

CD (Sony)

Available from 21/02/2017

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I'm so pleased that these final recordings by David Bowie have finally been given an independent release outside of the Lazarus Original Cast Recording album. Despite Bowie's involvement in the Lazarus project, the covers of his songs by the cast hold no interest for me whatsoever. I've played Blackstar endlessly since its release and setting any emotion aside, it really is up there with his best work and this EP is a fine companion piece to it. Opening track 'Lazarus' will be familiar to most and watching the video remains a spine shivering experience. Of the new tracks, 'When I Met You' with its overlapping vocals is upbeat pop/rock that wouldn't have sounded out of place on The Next Day. The industrial edge on the jazz/rock 'Killing a Little Time' gives it an Outside era vibe and the title track is a beautiful and dreamy near torch ballad number which leaves you wondering what Bowie would have accomplished if he'd been around to continue recording with the fine jazz ensemble and musicians he used for the Blackstar recording sessions.

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