New World Shadows

CD (Lifeforce)

Available from 07/02/2011

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Hailing from Finland, OMNIUM GATHERUM is a band playing fierce detah metal with breathtaking melodies, progressive orginality and a discreet sense of superior folk brought together in an over all dark mood. It's all about intensity and a morbid atmosphere. This is what makes NEW WORLD SHADOWS, the band's fifth album (and LIFEFORCE debut) so unique and impressive. OMNIUM GATHERUM are offering songs for people looking for soemthing different but still catchy. The moods and emotions swirling in the midst of the Cauldron are the result of a challenging dramaturgy based on thinking outside of the box and reflected creativity beyond lerant structures.

Formed in 1996, OMNIUM GATHERUM have released four albums and one EP on a host of established labels such as NUCLEAR BLAST, CANDLELIGHT and RAGE OF ACHILLES

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