My arms, your hearse

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My Arms, Your Hearse is the third full-length studio album by heavy metal band Opeth. It was released in August 1998. It was Opeth's first album to be released simultaneously in Europe, through Candlelight Records, and in the United States, through Century Black
The album concerns a character who dies and becomes a ghost. The narrative on the ghost's existence revolves around the woman he loved. Frustration and suspicion make the character restless as he watches his loved one after his death, his soul in constant turmoil as he does not believe that she genuinely grieved his passing. Though his ghost's actual presence remains undetected, she feels a great sadness, and remains unwilling to accept his death.
The progression of the album can also be seen as linked to the progression of the seasons, the final song ending with winter, and leading back into the first song with the beginnings of spring. The last word of each song on the album is the name of the following, with the album's final track, "Epilogue", leading back to "Prologue" to complete the cycle. Although the album has three instrumental songs, short stories are still written for those tracks in the form of lyrics, thus fulfilling the naming convention. 
In some cases, the "silent lyrics" move the plot along, and in others only serve to comment in a passive fashion.
01. Prologue
02. April Ethereal
03. When
04. Madrigal
05. The Amen Corner
06. Demon of the Fall
07. Credence
08. Karma
09. Epilogue
10. Circle of the Tyrants
11. Remember Tomorrow

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