Live at Rock City 1989


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With their roots embedded in the punk era, New Model Army are an English rock band formed in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in 1980 by lead singer, guitarist and main composer Justin Sullivan, bassist Stuart Morrow and drummer Phil Tompkins. This concert was recorded Live at Rock City - Nottingham – 28th Feb 1989 Originally recorded for Radio broadcast, but now available on CD. CD 1:
1. 225 2. The Hunt
3. The Charge
4. Stupid Questions
5. Inheritance
6. Drag It Down
7. Vagabonds
8. 125 MPH
9. Family Life
10. Green And Grey
11. I Love The World
CD 2.
1. Great Expectations
2. Archway Towers
3. No Rest
4. 51st State
5. Small Town England
6. Poison Street
7. White Coats
8. Vengeance
9. Christian Malitia
10. Betcha

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