Like the Wolf Uncut

CD (Edição de Autor)

Available from 14/09/2012

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a Jigsaw second album, Deluxe Edition.
The deepest marks that time leave us, occurs during childhood in our state of innocence. We are for a (very, very short) of our existence, diamonds in the rough. Sooner or later, time ends up eroding us. 
However, there are images that last, feelings that we do not forget. One is that in which the wolf is like a devil, a monster, the personification of fear. It is an image so strong that it constraints us, consuming the space around us and steals the air that fills it. With age, the perspective changes and fears that we had fade: our eyes now recognize the canine forms of this being. 
The concept of this set of songs is of the the illusions that steal our space. As we realize its fall, we will have already been bent by time. When the wolf ceases to be a threatening figure and becomes a mere living being, it becomes the sign of the illusion that has come to an end. 
The wolf, which was a threat, now reflects the flaws of a cut diamond. It is already too late, we can’t recover to the state where we were our rough form. The wolf ends up being an illusion/memory of our innocence – that is, indeed, a chimera

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