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Formed in 1991 after the demise of Jon Spencer's seminal band Pussy Galore, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion has always included drummer Russell Simins and guitar ace Judah Bauer. Taking cues from rock, punk, R&B, garage, hardcore, and hip hop idioms, while transcending the limitations of each, the Blues Explosion created a new sound which they've spent the last 16 years honing and redefining. Their music is as deft and bold and life-affirming as the Meters, the Magic Band, or the Birthday Party.

Beginning in 1992, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion earmarked songs from their recording sessions for their Jukebox Single Series on In The Red. The singles, which were based on a similar series done by rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers in the 1970s, featured some of most incendiary, hyper-charged tunes the band ever cut. From their spastic take on Chain Gang's "Son Of Sam" to "Ghetto Mom" (the final single from 2002) these seven-inch sides always showcased the band's full-throttle punk rock side.

Now, for the first time, all five out-of-print singles have been collected in one place on Jukebox Explosion, along with eight previously unheard rarities from the band's early days that are every bit as action-packed, frantic, and furious.

Jukebox Explosion captures one of the most exciting, original, and influential bands to emerge in the 1990s at the absolute peak of their powers. If you dig rock 'n' roll music, this stuff is absolutely essential.

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