Inked in Blood

CD (Relapse Records)

Available from 27/10/2014

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Death metal legends OBITUARY make their Relapse debut with ‘Inked In Blood,’ their 9th full length LP.  Almost three decades in, ‘Inked In Blood’ stands out as one of the finest moments in OBITUARY’s already godlike discography.  The riffs, groove, snarl and rage are as fierce as ever, putting most all other contemporary death metal bands to shame.  OBITUARY are THE definitive death metal band, and ‘Inked In Blood’ is an instant classic amongst their already storied catalog.  OBITUARY are both the originators and the torch-bearers of the genre!  ‘Inked In Blood’ is the sound of true death metal kings reclaiming their throne!!!  
Recommended if You Like: Death, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse
“OBITUARY fall into that rare category of living legends who've still got the inimitable spark that made them so special in the first place — the agonized, pulverizing drone of their bludgeoning, unstoppable tank-tread rhythms is something no one else has been able to adequately copy in two decades of trying.” - Blabbermouth 
“a fierce album that demonstrates why Obituary remain a band to be reckoned with in death metal” - All Music 
“a tour de force of old-school death metal infused with a bleeding organic groove and dripping with sepulchral atmosphere.” - Blabbermouth 
“One of the pioneers of death metal, Obituary shows no signs of age” - 
Track listing
1. Centuries Of Lies
2. Violent By Nature
3. Pain Inside
4. Visions In My Head
5. Back On Top
6. Violence
7. Inked In Blood
8. Deny You
9. Within A Dying Breed
10. Minds Of The World
11. Out Of Blood
12. Paralyzed With Fear

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks: 
13. Intoxicated 
14. Bloodsoaked

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