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This is the not so long nevertheless extremely-awaited “Fellatrix” which was humbly announced by a prior 2005 demo album. Now in a 666% re-recorded and definitive version, it features 8 absolutely renewed songs of pure tormented Metal power sadomasochistic nihilistic optipessimism of death. In vicious reclusion in the vicinity of Sodom & Gomorrah, the band put their blood in The Pentagon's hands, the legendary occult studio hidden in Portugal's wild fields, under the sign of producer F. Matias, to deliver the true “Fellatrix”. It is the band’s first album featuring the pure necrorock’n’roller axeman Iron Fist, whose jumpin' dark flashing solos expand Filii's grimness and metallicness into further depths of hell... in league with Belathauzer's fucked up, demented guitar cacophony, to produce a unique, truer than the Unholy Spirit Metal amalgam – a true health hazard, unless yours is a total pure holocaust Metal infected health!
An aeon after the 2005 sketch, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium fulfil the destiny designed by Lucifer to spawn the true, one and only “Fellatrix”: with Maalm on the raw-drums-war kit, Belathauzer's unparalleled sick evil verbum / riffingsmachine and Iron Fist on pure total necrorock’n’roll guitar solos, and of course legendary Lisbon thunderbassman Helregni, a lineup of maniacs, hardened throughout decades up to the limit. No intros, no keyboards, no decorative Metal here – just a crushing into the essentials of True Necrorock’n’roll.
All come and join the official celebrations for our World War 4! …
Members : Maalm: Drums
Belathauzer: Guitars, Vocals
Helregni: Bass, Vocals
Iron Fist: Guitars

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