Evisceration Plague

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Available from 03/05/2010

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Since their formation 20 years ago – the anniversary was duly celebrated with the release of the massive 3-DVD package “Centuries Of Torment” – as a small band from Buffalo, NY, CANNIBAL CORPSE have not only managed to be awarded platin for their combined worldwide sales, they have also gained one of the strongest and most loyal fanbases ever for this genre of music. CANNIBAL CORPSE are in no danger of being dethroned as the undisputed leaders of death metal anytime soon. Once banned in Australia, New Zealand and Korea and censored in Germany, where they weren't allowed to perform material from their first three albums... One would be led to think this would have a negative effect on their album sales and balk their growth and success. Not so with CANNIBAL CORPSE, the top selling death metal act of the whole SoundScan era! The band is now set to release its eleventh studio album, “Evisceration Plague”. Who else in this field can look back on such a long and fulfilling career? Exactly, no one! The follow-up to 2006's successful “Kill” album picks up exactly where its predecessor left off. Brutal as a zombified pitbull, precise as a butcher's knife and more unrelentless than ever, the East Coast quintet shows all up-and-comers, clones and copyists who's the boss. Once again CANNIBAL CORPSE provide their numerous fans with a cervical vertebra massacre that will leave the whole competition looking on in disbelief! A European Tour with Children Of Bodom is already confirmed for February 2009!
1. Priests of Sodom
2. Scalding Hail
3. To Decompose
4. A Cauldron of Hate
5. Beheading and Burning
6. Evidence in the Furnace
7. Carnivorous Swarm
8. Evisceration Plague
9. Shatter Their Bones
10. Carrion Sculpted Entity
11. Unnatural
12. Skewered From Ear to Eye

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