1             Taste The Poison 
2              Next On The List 
3              Constitutional Hell
4              Vermin 
5              Volume Of Neglect 
6              Thanks For Nothing 
7              Can’t Play Won’t Play 
8              Blunt Against The Cutting Edge 
9              Cure For The Common Complaint
10           Necessary Evil
11           C.S. (Conservative Shithead) Part 2 
12           Mechanics Of Deceit
13           (The Public Get) What The Public Doesn’t Want 
14           Fracture In The Equation 
15           Politicians
16           Incinerator
17           Demonic Possession
18           Maggots In Your Coffin
19           Back From The Dead
20           Nazi Punks Fuck Off
 Re-issue of the 2000 Napalm Death album Enemy of the Music Business with 1999’s 6 track mini album of covers Leaders Not Followers as bonus tracks.

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