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Terrific sales of their independent Cheshire Cat got Blink-182 signed to a major label (MCA) for 1997's Dude Ranch, which led to US radio hits ("Dammit" and "Josie") and platinum sales. No "sell-out" on the band's part, though, as Dude Ranch simply features another infectious collection of snotty vocals, punchy rhythms, vivid lyrics, and aggressive chords. San Diego producer Mark Trombino shines some of the scuffed edges, but this is still good ol' Blink at its sunny, effervescent best. Nice "emocore" spoof here ("Emo"), plus an odd knack for crafting bass-lines that recall--seriously!--New Order, and vocal harmonies that owe debts to the Beach Boys. --Mark Woodlief
Product Description
BLINK 182 Dude Ranch (1997 UK 15-track CD album includes the singles Dammit [Growing Up] Apple Shampoo Dick Lips & Josie [Everythings Gonna Be Fine] with a fold-out lyric booklet)

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