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Following the success of their previos EP/Demo/Split albums, Katalepsy hit us again with a full frontal attack of the senses with their 2nd studio album: AUTOPSYCHOSIS.
As a follow up to "Musick Brings Injuries" - AUTOPSYCHOSIS was always going to be up against the wall; Their debut album helped define the emerging genre of brutal death metal.
It seems, however, KATALEPSY Have done it - against all the odds - AUTOPSYCHOSIS is to be considered an excellent gateway album from the melodic and technical metal worlds into the take-no-prisoners world of Brutal Death Metal.
Prepare yourself for the onslaught.
1. Lurking in the Depth
2. Evidence of Near Death (E.N.D.)  
3. Body Bags for the Gods 
4. Cold Flesh Citadel   
5. The Pulse of Somnambulist 
6. Unearthly Urge to Supremacy 
7. Gore Conspiracy
8. Amongst Phantom Worlds
9. Needles of Hypocrisy 
10. Knifed Humility 
11. Taedium Vitae

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