The Boatman's Call

CD+DVD (Mute)

Available from 26/05/2011

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Ultimately, The Boatman's Call sounds like Cave's attempt to poison his cake and eat it too. For a record so resolute in its denial of divinity, The Boatman's Call's obsession with religious themes and imagery might seem contradictory if they hadn't come from someone like Cave, who fancies himself a fallen angel searching for a ladder back to heaven. Where Gothic meets cathedral, there resides, for better or worse, our dark saint Nick. --Roni Sarig
Product Description
5.1 Remastered Collector's Editions includes:
Remastered Stereo Album
New Surround Mix
B-Sides of the Singles
Specially Commissioned Short Film by UK artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
Exclusive Sleeve Notes
& More

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