On August 30, 1970, Jethro Tull took to the stage at the Isle Of Wight Festival (attended by 600,000 people) to give one of their most celebrated performances. Award-winning director Murray Lerner was there to capture it on film, as well as successfully documenting the tensions across the festival site. Combined with an interview with Ian Anderson - filmed in 2004 - who eloquently describes the drama of this watershed time - alongside archive film of the band, it makes for quite a spectacle. For the first time, we present the band s performance on both CD and DVD in one package, with entertaining notes by Anderson. Jethro Tull had become one of the most popular rock groups in the land with their second LP, the chart-topping Stand Up (1969), from which they draw several numbers here. The third album, Benefit, released four months prior to the festival, which also supplies three tracks to their IOW set, was the first to feature pianist John Evan, who provides extra colour and sophistication to their music - not that Tull ever really lacked either with Anderson's flute slashing its way through the heavy grooves of their rhythm section. One of THE great rock frontmen, Anderson is amusing and insightful in his descriptions of Jethro Tull's development before and after 1970, his analysis of their performance at the Isle of Wight and the fractious atmosphere that prevailed over the course of the festival. His commentary is well-balanced and self deprecating and he makes the perfect guide to this fascinating footage.

Disc: 1
1. My Sunday Feeling
2. My God
3. With You There To Help Me
4. To Cry You A Song
5. Bourée
6. Dharma For One
7. Nothing Is Easy
8. Medley : We Used To Know / For A Thousand Mothers

Disc: 2
1. Introduction Just an old guy having fun (DVD)
2. Festival opens (DVD)
3. Sound check Fences ruin the world (DVD)
4. Bourée (DVD)
5. Jethro Tull stage introduction & tuning up (DVD)
6. My Sunday Feeling (DVD)
7. The origins of Jethro Tull the only rock and roll flute band (DVD)
8. A Song For Jeffrey The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus (DVD)
9. The phallic flute (DVD)
10. Ian Anderson banter (DVD)
11. My God (DVD)
12. Something different about Jethro Tull (DVD)
13. Dharma For One (DVD)
14. Tension and violence at the festival (DVD)
15. Nothing Is Easy (DVD)
16. A festival with all stops pulled out (DVD)
17. Encore medley intro (DVD)
18. We Used To Know / For A Thousand Mothers (DVD)
19. A watershed time hippies vs. establishment (DVD)

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